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B-PRO ALL-IN-ONE Gel Polish 201

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B-pro All in One Hybrid Gel Polish was carefully developed to meet the requirements and need of every professional nail tech.


This highly durable and very flexible Gel Polish does not require the application of base or top !


Beside application on natural nails , it can be applied over Gel or Acrylic nails.  The design of the bottle was specially prepared so the painting brush can reach the bottom of the bottle to ease the application process and so no product will be wasted. Carefully designed brush allows smooth and easy application  of very thin coats to speed up your work and achieve best results.  The removal takes only 4 min when using B-pro Soak Off remover.



1. Push the cuticles, make sure that the nail is free of any cuticle / skin. You can gently matte the nail using a very soft file to ensure all cuticle is gone.


2. Using B-Pro Nail prep and lint-free wipe cleanse the nails. Make sure that the whole nail is cleansed properly, especially around the cuticles and side walls.


3. Apply first coat of B-Pro All In One colour. Apply very thin coat to two fingers (cap the free edge) and set is under UV or LED for just 1 sec. Aplly first coat to the other two fingers and set for 1 sec under UV or LED light. Apply first coat to the thumb nail and place the full hand  under UV light for 2 min or LED light for 1min


4. Apply second coat f B-pro All In One colour. Proceed with the application as in step 3 and remember to cap the free edge !  When ready cure the full hand Under UV light for 3 min or under LED light for 2 min. Do not wipe !


5. allow the nails to "cool down"for about 20 seconds, apply cuticle oil ... and you're ready !


Things to remember:


- avoid contact with skin / cuticle when applying the colour


- make sure the layers are very thin !  If you do not achieve the desired shade after 2 coats, it is better to apply the 3rd coat rather than 2 thick coats


- always cap the free edge


- for better protection of the colour or to seal the nail art designs use B-Pro Hybrid Top Shine


- curing time: 1st coat  - 2 min under UV or 1 min under LED , 2nd coat 3 min under UV or 2 min under LED.



1. Place B-Pro Soak Off Remover in a small bowl and place the nail for around 3 min. When ready use a wipe to gently slide the remaining gel polish. You can also use cotton disks and foil to wrap the nails - after 3 min, press the foil against the nail and with gentle pressure remove the foil.


2. Prepare the nails for next application


Size: 8ml


Silcare (Malta)

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