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Shadow-less Desk Lamp

Price: 47,87 €

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Shadowless lamp with a clip is a device that delights with functionality and comfort! It is characterized by the fact that it does not cast a shadow, thus any beauty treatment goes smoothly with its use. Flexible arm enables to cast the light on an appropriate height and at the best angle, while the sturdy clip can be attached to the table top or a shelf. Moreover, the lamp has three modes of brightness, which means, that the light can be adjusted to the needs. The USB cable, attached in the set, enables the lamp to be connected with an electrical socket or a device with an equipped USB port. Modern and attractive design makes the lamp to be a striking station ornament.

• voltage: AC 110-260 V / AC 5 V
• power: 4 W
• color temperature: 6000-6500 K
• operating temperature: -20-40?C
• dimensions: 280 x 300 x 140 mm
• flexible arm length: 35 cm
• arm with luminous panel length: 25 cm
• lifespan: approx. 50000 hours

Silcare (Malta)

  • ADD.  Beautica, Triq il-Bacir il-Gdid, Paola. Malta
  • TEL.   +356 27 033 033
  • MOB.  +356 77 033 000


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