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Personal cuticle oil Roll-on 10ml

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Cuticle oil.

Silcare introduced "The Garden of Colour" roll-on cuticle oil especially for clients who appreciate high quality and value the importance of daily care of hands, nails and cuticles.

The strength of natural ingredients contained in the oil comes primarily from a range of nutrients: proteins, minerals, vitamins A, E, D ??and B vitamins.


Exceptional fragrance experience will reward your senses.


New packaging Roll-On ensures easy, convenient and pleasant application and gentle massage of the skin around the nail.


Designed for everyday use. Strawberry Crimson smell.


Silcare (Malta)

  • ADD.  Beautica, Triq il-Bacir il-Gdid, Paola. Malta
  • TEL.   +356 27 033 033
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